Don’t Sweat It: How To Maintain Hair Health While Working Out

Exercise is inarguably one of the best things you can do for yourself. As I mentioned in last week’s post, exercise helps transport blood, oxygen and nutrients all over your body. These are all things that you need to live a healthy life…and maintain a healthy head of hair.

However, when we exercise at a certain level, we begin to sweat (which, BTW, is good for us). Have you ever noticed that after a strong sweat session, your hair may feel and look a lifeless or your style just isn’t holding up as well (for me, my twists get fuzzy)? This is likely because sweat leaves a film of salt on our hair and scalp that can clog pores, zaps the hair’s moisture and negatively affect our hair’s health if not attended to properly and regularly.

We realize that the feasibility of shampooing our hair every day is low and this is especially so if you are exercising every day (or even every other day). Further, for us kinky-curly types, a daily shampoo isn’t the best thing for our hair. Therefore, you should, at the least, make an effort to rinse the scalp with lukewarm water while you are in the shower. Doing this helps remove the salt deposits and restore some equilibrium to the hair and scalp. Although this may seem like a chore, I have found that wearing a low maintenance style like twists makes this task easier because it allows me to keep my hair in sections and prevents me from having to do the work of a marathon post-wash detangling session.

After washing, make sure to thoroughly moisturize your hair. Not only does the sweat zap the moisture out of your hair, but after rinsing the scalp, you want to replenish and seal in moisture that may have been lost.

As a general rule, I recommend making sure that hair gets a thorough wash (as opposed to a rinse), each week because even if you are not exercising, your body produces sweat every day all over your body. A Cute & Kinky shampoo is coming but until then, make sure the shampoo you use is strong enough to cleanse, but not so strong that it strips your hair.

Above all, never neglect the gift of movement in favor of stylish locks. As long as you know how to manage your locks while undertaking an exercise regime, you will be a cute and kinky masterpiece at all times.

Until next week, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.



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