A Life-Long Commitment: The Importance of Regular Hair Maintenance

Recently, I spoke with someone who stated that their hair often begins to lock (as in form locs) after a couple of days. Someone within earshot noted that theirs started to lock almost immediately after washing and when they are ready to style, it’s almost impossible to do so.

While listening to these accounts, what came across my mind was that they were likely not engaging in regular hair maintenance. As I noted in a previous blog, maintaining the hair is akin to other routine hygiene activities. Some of us curlies have shake n’ go hair. Many of us do not (at least in its natural state). The first individual is likely going more than two or three days without performing any hair grooming. Locs are a beautiful and meaningful hairstyle but the hair takes much longer than two or three days to lock. What this individual was experiencing is more like tangles.

The second individual was simply waiting too long between washing and styling. I know from experience that after a wash session, even if I’m opting for a “wash n’ go,” I must go ahead and moisturize my hair, at least finger comb and add my accessories. If I just leave the towel wrapped around my hair and get busy doing other things, when it is time to style, I will have more work to do.

Even those of us who like to protective style must give our hair regular attention. We still must make sure our scalps are cleaned, the hair moisturized, and fuzzy spots are touched up. The normal daily shedding we all experience can cause the ends of twists and braids to look less than fresh sometimes giving way to single strand knots. Therefore they must be attended to.

What is evident is that we cannot neglect our hair for days at a time and expect that the next encounter will go well. Although many people equate returning to natural to less work, there is still work involved. The nature of tightly curled and coily hair does not allow the ability to be non-committal about basic maintenance.

Remember that the state of our hair is directly proportional to the quality of care we put into it.

Until next time, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free….

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