Kristen went natural before natural was given the mainstream attention that it has long deserved. Being a competitive swimmer and swimming five days a week every week for several years, Kristen had to shampoo her hair daily. However, she was faced with the same selection of ethnic hair care products that had been used for decades: they were cost-effective yet ineffective when it came to truly addressing the needs of her extremely dense type 4 hair. Playing amateur chemist, she eventually developed a synergistic formulation that managed to keep her hair moisturized for longer than a few hours in both extreme Texas heat and the occasional harsh winters. Her family and friends were in awe with her hair’s results and before long Kristen started sharing the “unnamed” product with them. After samples were passed around to friends, family, and total strangers to gauge reactions the product was met with a positive response. Through research, experience and work with experts in the field, a product was produced that truly addresses the moisturization needs of ethnic hair.